Digital Marketing in Mauritius – How to get more sales leads. 

If the number of visitors coming from your digital marketing mauritius campaigns is great, but you are not happy with the number of sales leads you are getting, you may have a conversion issue.

Especially, if you’re sure that your digital actions are targeting the right people with the right message.

This may be time for a pause…Time to review the conversion rate of your website and ways you can improve it.

What is conversion rate?

Put simply, your conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who take a desired action on your website. In general, it takes the form of a visitor filling up a form to subscribe to a newsletter, to try a product or to make a purchase.

This is what Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is about.

A low conversion rate represents missed opportunities. More importantly, it represents cash that you are throwing away in your digital marketing campaigns.


Well. The money you are investing in your digital campaigns is bringing visitors to your website – That’s normally good. But if your website is not effectively converting them into meaningful leads (low conversion rate), this means that you are missing opportunities (people are not converting) and you are wasting your precious marketing funds.

You normally want a website that is optimised for conversion to generate the maximum number of leads.

Optimising your digital marketing in Mauritius for conversion should be a no brainer. 

Indeed, as your conversion rate increases, you start getting more leads from the same number of visitors…You don’t actually have to spend more on advertising. Your website is generating more leads from the SAME volume of visits. The table below from Hubspot illustrates this quite well.

Table showing conversion rate effect on sales

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How many leads should your digital marketing in Mauritius be generating?

So, where should you start?

First, with some maths.

To know if your website is generating enough leads, having a broad idea of industry conversion rates in mind is handy. There’s no definite rule, but it’s a good starting point.

The chart below from WordStream (2018), gives an insight of conversion rates in different industries. It is based on a study of thousands of Google Ad accounts (formerly known as AdWords) having a combined spending of $3 billion in annual spending. Guess that’s a pretty good reference.

Table showing conversion rate by Industry

If your website is at anything below 1 or 1.5 percent in conversion rate, you should start looking more closely at your conversion tactics. While, anything below 1 or 1.5 percent may not be an issue, if that’s the nature of your industry, it should still direct you to review the conversion mechanisms on your website to make sure that you are not missing anything. Specially, if you have not done the exercise before.

Normally, you’ll try to aim at something around 2 to 3 percent. Higher results are possible, depending on your industry.

Below are some simple best practices (and common sense) that can help improve your results:

1. Don’t send people who click on your digital marketing in Mauritius to your home page.

Your online ad had a very specific message…Interesting enough for people to click on it.

Sending them to the home page or a generic page creates confusion as they are presented with general information not directly related to the message in the ad.

Remember this: You have less than 15 seconds to convince a visitor to stay on your website. 15 seconds…

So you better make your point immediately from the moment the visitor hits your website. So, send them to a “Landing Page”….


2. Use landing pages in your digital marketing actions.

Which brings us to the importance of a landing page. Unbounce defines it as a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing campaign and designed with a single focused objective – entice the visitor to take an action. For example: Fill a form. Below are some key features you’ll want for you landing page:

  • Engaging titles.
  • A layout that highlights your key selling points.
  • Call to Actions are easily accessible.
  • Short forms
  • Absence of navigation menus that will drive visitors away from that landing page.

Below are a couple of examples of good landing pages.

Example of landing page to optimise your digital marketing in Mauritius
Sample landing page for better digital marketing in Mauritius

3. Analytics. Your best friend to make the most of your digital marketing strategies.

Just knowing how many visitors are coming to your visitors is good but not enough. Not enough at all.

How long are visitors staying on your website? What is your bounce rate? How well are calls to action really efficient at generating conversion?

You can have this type of data from Google Analytics but also consider integrating heatmaps in your toolbox. They give valuable insights on how visitors are interacting with your website. Below is a short video from Crazy Egg on how heatmaps work.

So study your analytics and fine-tune your website accordingly.


4. Think mobile. Always.

With people increasingly using their smartphone to browse the web, make sure your website design or landing pages are mobile friendly.

5. Website speed is essential for a succesful digital marketing in Mauritius.

Finally, make sure that your website loads fast. Actually, Google now considers website speed to be a key parameter to rank your website in search results.

There are many other factors you could consider to improve the number of leads you generate on your website. However, the list above should give you an insight on the key fundamentals that you should not be missing.

If you are serious about generating more leads on your website and want to go a step further, you may want to try our website grader report. It’s a free service where we review your website and provide free recommendations.

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Is your website optimised for conversion.

Submit your website for review worth up to Rs 12,000.

Offer covers our standard conversion rate optimisation report. Excludes heatmaps and A/B Tests.  Applicable for Mauritian based companies only. Access to your Google Analytics data may be required.